Submit a Batch with the Captricity API

In the [previous quickstart](/developer/quickstart/upload-files/), you uploaded your completed forms to your [Batch](). Once you have uploaded all the forms you would like to digitize, the next step is to submit your Batch for processing.

Before you submit your Batch, you should ensure that it is ready to be submitted. Use the [Batch Readiness]() resource to detect any problems in your completed forms or templates.

Check the ```errors``` property to ensure your Batch can be submitted. There must be no errors for the batch to go through. The other properties of this resource give you details on corrective action if your Batch is not ready for submission.

Batch submission charges your Captricity account. Check the pricing details of your Batch using the [Batch Price]() resource:

The ```total_batch_cost_in_fields``` property is the price of digitizing the batch in fields. The ```total_user_cost_in_cents``` is the total charge to your account for running the Batch. If you have more credit in your account than the Batch costs, ```total_user_cost_in_cents``` is 0.

If ```total_user_cost_in_cents``` is non-zero, you must [add credit to your account](/accounts/purchase/) before you submit your Batch via the Captricity API.

When you are ready to run your Batch, submit it by sending an HTTP ```POST``` to the [Submit Batch]() resource. This charges your account and begins the digitization process of your Batch.

At this point, your batch will be converted into a [Job](). You can use the ```job_ids``` property of the [Batch]() to look up the Job resource.

Digitization time varies between a few minutes to a few hours depending on your Job's size. You can track the progress of your Job using the ```percent_completed``` property of the Job resource. When digitization is complete, check out the [Extracting Data Quickstart](/developer/quickstart/data-extraction/) to pull down your digitized data using the Captricity API.